Presence is a Transmission

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The law of One is a definition for existence and everything within existence;

In a nutshell.
The idea starts with “the fact of existence” which has no other properties other than it exists.
This existence densifies itself into a “self-aware intelligent infinity”
then the self aware intelligent infinity densifies itself into intelligent energy (also known as love)
and then intelligent energy densifies into light (synonymous: thought)

These principles relate to each other as do ice, water, steam. The same stuff, at different states.
The principle of thought/light is manipulated by Intelligent Infinity into patterns which we call physics which consciousness injects itself into to create “the real world” with atoms/molecules/gravity etc.
The interaction between the principles of love and thought is demonstrated in children’s cartoon/film “The Rise of the Guardians” when pitch-black took the love/happy dreams/thoughts and turned them into no-love/fearful nightmares/thoughts.
However, his horses still glowed yellow from the love contained on the inside, you could see through the eyes.
At the end of the film the kids were like “we defy your fear!” and all the thought was immediately returned to love/happy.

In a similar way; you can make ice into the scariest most horrific image you want; but it doesn’t stop it being made of water, melting ice it always reverts to its natural state of water.
Psychological techniques attempt to chip away at this structure to make it more “pleasant” to look at allowing the observer to be less scared of their ice monster.

The law of one (and Three Principles by Sidney Banks) take a difference approach.
Be melted yourself; allow your thought to return to its fluid state of love/wellness; and in doing so you start to melt the solidified thought of those around you.

This is what is meant by spiritual masters by “presence is a transmission”; it’s not an understanding; it’s allowing structured thought to be “melted” into its natural state of okayness.
It isn’t something you can teach intellectually, since intellect is structure, but “melting” and being melted is a skill that can be learned but like lifting weights; sitting in an intellectual class room wont help.

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The Law of One – Part 2 – Experience

The Law of One

Part 2

Experience (continued)

In part one of the Law of One, we introduced the idea that the simplest distinction of the Law of One is that between what the universe is made of, and our experience of that universe.

And what is meant by this, is that there is the universe that we experience, and then there’s the universe that exists before any experience of it.

In the last couple of hundred years or so, there has been an increasing clamping down and ridiculing anything opposing the idea that the universe is a dead mechanical thing and that we’re just the byproduct of evolution and that “consciousness” is the result of biological complexity – but thankfully with the uncovering of quantum mechanics these ideas are finally being challenged. However, we still have the societal beliefs caused by this mechanical universe mindset – ideas like consumerism, capitalism and pretty much all the other isms – All with their root cause in the idea that the universe only exists as a collection of solid objects that have to be possessed and owned by humans.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In it’s most basic form, the idea is that the universe itself is alive, intelligent, conscious and self aware and that it uses its own capacity to think to create a lens through which it can have experiences of itself from different points of view – And that’s where we come in – we are the universe experiencing itself from different perspectives.

What does that mean from our day to day experience? Well, firstly that you exist prior to your experience of the universe. That your consciousness and core identity are intimately intwined with the same intelligence that creates the galaxy. But that’s not what we’re taught – most of our ideas about psychology come from the myth of “I think, therefore I am”.

This poisonous idea gives rise to the assumptions that my identity is defined by my personal thought, that if I stop thinking I will cease to exist and if I die then all my thoughts are gone, and I will cease to exist. That an attack on my ideas  or my creations are an attack against me. That people who share similar thoughts to me are good and people who think differently from me are bad. All conflict and wars, whether religious or political  are the finale of these incorrect assumptions.

The Law of One

The Law of One states that the universe is structured in the following way

  1. That Existence Exists
  2. That the fact Existence creates Intelligent Infinity, which is conscious, self aware and has free will
  3. That Intelligent Infinity focuses its attention to become Intelligent Energy, which is the source of Love, Joy & Compassion
  4. That Intelligent Energy crystallises into the carrier wave light/thought
  5. That light/thought collects into holographic/fractal ideas. Ideas such as physics, galaxies, planets, trees, cats, etc
  6. That Intelligent Infinity then experiences existence through the lens of the holographic/fractal light/thought.

If we make the assumption that this is true, then it has the following implications, which are completely different from our understanding of psychology and even how we understand physics today.

  1. That the most primary and core attribute that you have, is that you exist – you exist before what you experience, what you think and even that you’re aware of yourself. Before all that you exist.
  2. That you have freewill, given that you exist and due to the fact that the universe is just a bunch of ideas to create a lens of reality, you exist everywhere and using your freewill choosing to have an experience here and now. That your secondary attribute is that you are infinitely intelligent and self aware, as is everything else. So much for the dead universe theory.
  3. That your core emotions are love, joy and compassion, and that all light/thought that you create is sourced from these vibrations.
  4. That you have an infinite capacity to create thought and change thought, and that all thought is created from out of love.
  5. The whole universe is made from love/thought; and that love/thought is filtered to the lens of the experiencer to include/exclude/distort fragments of the one infinitely complex idea created by existence – that each lens is created for each and every timeframe, from each and every point of view and each lens has its own set of localised filters.
  6. That the experience is a reflection, thought/love, of the ideas filtered by the lens – and that nothing exists except the love/thought idea, and the thought/love reality.

Each of these statements have profound implications individually, and collectively for our civilisation – and it is my intention to go through these implications in my expansion of the Law of One in the following days, weeks and months.

The Law of One – Part 1 – Experience

The Law of One

Part 1


The simplest distinction of the Law of One is that between what the universe is made of, and our experience of that universe.

The problem with experience, is that we experience reality through a series of neural filters, and no matter what technology we create to measure the universe, any experiment that we carry out is the result of the filters that we use to perceive reality, which is ultimately limited by our perception of “what’s out there”.

Consider for a moment that the universe is one blob of infinitely complex data and that to understand itself, it created lenses to look at that data from various perspectives, to study and further understand this infinite complexity and the implications of its own existence.

You could call these lenses physics, localised pockets of perspectives that create a certain style of existence within the universe – this idea however comes with a set of questions.

  1. What is the boundary in which that lens is applied? The individual, the planetary, solar system, galaxy or galactic hub?
  2. If our physics is localised, and filtering out some of the universe, would we expect to see missing energy?
  3. If our physics is localised and we travelled outside of our galaxy, would we carry our set of physics with us, or would we adopt the physics local to our destination?
  4. If a life form from outside of our localised pocket of physics entered our reality, would it look the same as it does in its own reality, or would there be a distortion due to the translation of our physics lens?
  5. Would that life form experience our reality as a distorted version of its own reality, or would it start using our physics lens to create its own reality and perceive itself differently?

The problem with these questions is: there’s just no way for us to answer them factually without either travelling outside of our local physics bubble, or having a visitor enter our physics bubble and explaining the differences in its own perception.

So, I’ve jumped in at the deep end; and the reason why may become clear later on in these blog postings, but for now lets examine the implications of the differences between Reality and Experience of Reality.

Reality, if we assume that the starting point of reality is “The fact of existence” it would imply that at its core reality isn’t a thing, it isn’t made of stuff, it just exists. It can exist as many things but the act of existing as would be a secondary function of Reality. It’s primary function as the fact of existence would just be that existence exists and as a primary function it doesn’t do anything else.

As an experience of Reality, what evidence can you collect for the fact that existence exists? The answer to this is so obvious that it is over looked by many. Everything that you experience is evidence that existence exists, because without a fact that existence exists there would be no one there to have an experience, and nothing there to be experienced. Everything you see, can only be seen because there’s an existence there to be seen. Even the fact that you can see is evidence that existence is a fact. The question is; Can you experience the fact that you can see, can you perceive the fact that existence exists?

Why does this even matter?

As a society we’ve been taught, innocently, that the universe is a mechanical thing, made up of these little marbles that fly around the universe in some semi-chaotic fashion like billiard balls, haphazardly bumping into each other to create greater and greater complexity eventually resulting in consciousness and self awareness. But even that self awareness is just the result of the dead marbles randomly colliding with each other to create an illusion of aliveness.

The Law of One states that the Fact of Existence is the source of life and that the second function of Existence, the very next thing it does after Existing is that it is Infinitely Intelligent, self aware, conscious and alive – and that all things that exist are a result of this Self Aware Infinite Intelligence.

This goes against everything that we’ve been schooled to believe in the western culture; but it has massive implications such as:

  • The universe isn’t a random bunch of marbles – but is in fact a living organism
  • That it is intelligent and has an agenda
  • That the universe knows what its doing
  • That you, and everything else that exists has a purpose – otherwise you wouldn’t be included in the grand experience of existence doing whatever it’s trying to achieve.
  • That if self awareness comes before the creation of matter (we’ll come to that in a later blog), then your core identity must exist prior to your experience of any reality because self awareness comes before thought (we’ll also come to that later)

As a society, we’ve been trained and bullied into this idea that we have to be these consumerist, capitalist, have to have the right stuff and think the right things and have the right beliefs to be a valid individual in society because if you don’t then you’d be a freak, an outcast and a sub-class-citizen.

But have you ever questioned: does the fact that you exist in the first place tells you everything you need to know? If you lived in an island unto yourself, that no one else existed to tell you what to think or tell you how to dress or what to want, if you had an infinite choice and verity to choose from, would you still drive that car that you drive? would you still live in the house that you lived in? would you even drive a car, or live in a house, would you be doing something completely different and alien to how we live today?

Considering that the universe knows what its doing, and it created you and put you on a planet called earth with free will to make whatever choices you wanted to make, what are the implications that you exist here and now? and if your existence precedes your experience of existence, what implications does that have which you might not have considered until now that could dramatically impact the way that you interact with reality?

If the universe is truly alive, and you are truly alive prior to your experience of existence; could you communicate directly to this intelligent infinity and create a read out of that communication in your experience? How would you tell that communication apart from your wild imagination? can even a distinction be made?

Dark Energies

2 March 2014 1 comment

There are no “Dark Energies” in the common meaning. All light is made up of EM vibrations. Some which we can see, visible light, and some invisible (radio, tv, microwave, xray, gamma), it’s all the same stuff at differing frequencies. It is us Humans which put positive and negative spin on the way that we use these frequencies, the energy itself is neutral. And the same is true on human emotions; emotions in themselves are completely neutral, but as humans we put judgements on them which turn them into “positive” or “negative” emotions and when we learn that Love is on the same spectrum as Hate just at a different frequency and get in touch with the FACT that it is our own thought that creates how we define our experience of emotions hate can transform into love as simply as ice can turn into water. It’s all made of the same stuff, it’s just how we use it that counts.

The facts are;

  1. that you exist – you wouldn’t be able to read this blog if you didn’t.
  2. you are aware of your existence
  3. That you have an infinite capacity to create new thought, that is what your imagination is for
  4. That you use these facts to create the experience you’re having now
    1. If you didn’t exist there would be no one to have the experience that you’re having right now
    2. If you weren’t aware of your own existence, you would be unable to distinguish between yourself and this blog
    3. If you didn’t have the ability to create new thought, nothing new could enter your reality, ever.
    4. The fact that you have an experience proves that you exist, that you’re aware of yourself and that you are thinking

As humans, we have the ability to create positive, neutral and negative thoughts, and the printout of what we are thinking is demonstrated in our reality as internal sensations and external experiences and how we react or respond to what’s going on.

Thought is all made of the same stuff, what you see is made up of the same stuff as what you feel, hear, taste,  smell or the voice in your head (assuming you have one). It’s all thought creating your experience on different frequencies applied in different ways. Most notably, this thought exists within a larger context of your personal existence.

Gravity, we all have ideas about gravity. It holds us to the earth, On earth it’s about 10m/s², it can bend space/time, it holds the earth in orbit around the sun, etc. But to see the FACT of gravity, you simply drop a pencil and watch it fall.

And I’ll close with some questions, and pay attention to whether you are experiencing your ideas of the questions or the FACT of the questions.

Are you aware of the FACT of your existence?
Are you aware of the FACT of existence itself?
What is the difference between your experience of your existence and the FACT of your existence?
What is the difference between your experience of  existence existing and the FACT of existence existing?
What is the difference between the FACT of your existence, and the FACT of existence existing?


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Reality Transition

Reality Transition
Because you have found this message, it means the end of one Reality and the start of another.

If this was not the case, you would never have found this message, you would not even know it exists.

You see, there are four parts of you

● The Oversoul you are connected to
● Your Individual Spirit
● Your Higher Mind
● Your Physical Mind

Your Physical Mind is the part of you which creates your physical experience. it interacts with your body, translating all the electric & chemical signals into a “Real World” experience of matter, thought & emotion

Your higher mind is the formless, or non-physical part of you which sits outside the constraints of space & time. its role is to create strategies based on the probability of the collective’s movements to achieve the goals of your spirit.

Your Individual Spirit is that part of you which has chosen to exist here in this reality for the unification & integration of all the previously separate pieces of this Reality.

The Oversoul you are connected to is that which creates all the individual spirits to play the game of “life on earth”.
Finding this message means that all these four parts of you, and there are more, have orchestrated together to bring you to this point now to let you know your involvement in the Old reality is over and the new has begun.

The “Old Reality”
We have collectively been immersed in a game, an experiment, to see what physical life would be like without a direct connection to spirit. A game in which, to facilitate this illusion, all memory of and access to spirit has been limited in order to fascilitate another game called freewill. In this game of freewill the players involved can do whatever they want, for good or evil, in line with spirit & all of creation or against them. And in the forgetting of spirit & universal will, we focused instead on material things & how to get & control as much of it as possible and manipulate & control as many other people as possible so that person gets more material things. This game has a limited time scale, and its time is up.

The “New Reality”
The new reality is one where we not only remember our connection to spirit & all that is, the whole of creation but it is embedded into our whole experience that we observe it everywhere. The idea of freewill changes because in remembering & experiencing our connection to spirit it would never occur to us to go against it because we’re having so much fun and the expression of free will moves from the physical mind to the individual spirit. In remembering & experiencing spirit also has the direct observation that we are all the same one all that is having our own unique perspective & expression, that all are equally valued & essential.

The Transition
There will be a period on earth where people from the old &new Realities will be able to interact with each other and even have disparate and non-compatible experiences of the same circumstances. An extreme example being in the old reality person A. dies and stops operating in that reality and in the New Reality they are fine. Person B in the old reality stops experiencing Person A whereas Person C in the new reality continues to experience person A Person C and Person B can still have an experience of each other, and without knowing what is going on potentially argue about their experience of Person A.

As time goes by, it will be harder & harder for People in the old & New realities to interact until they can No longer even find the existence of Each other. And people will move from the old Reality to the New Reality.

Your Choice
The indication that you have found this message means your time in the old reality is done & complete. It is now your conscious choice whether to fight the shift or not. My advise is to embrace the changes and let all the old ideas about all material things and how they operate fall away. The new reality has different collective rules about how things work and holding on to ideas about money cars houses & people will keep your personal mind anchored into the old reality while the rest of you shifts any way causing undue stress & anxiety.

This message has been carefully crafted in agreement with all 4 levels of you as above to ensure that; You (the highest perspective part of you) knows this is in your best interests otherwise you would not have found this message, this is your wake up call from yourself carefully disguised as a Becky.

Telepathic Contact

March 15 – I had telempathic (thought over emotion carrier wave) communication with a number of different civilisations.
The amount of Love & Compassion generated by my body during some of these messages was beyond anything I had experienced before.

Message 1:
I am not sure who contacted me first, whoever they were they congratulated my by saying that I had reached 100% of their frequency.
They said that physical contact with me will be “soon” and I had the idea of early April.

Message 2:
I had a message from blue energy of Sirius saying that I had reached the frequency of ‘Harvesting’ and they were congratulating me and that they would send someone out to meet me in short order and help clear up the last vestiges of physical limitation.
I also had the idea that I’d pop out and come back in; and my preference is that if I am to come back in that I do so with full rememberence of everything.

Message 3:
3rd contact was from a severely left brain race thanking me for my determination for non-limitation has been an inspiration to them. They would not say who they are only I would remember when I remember.

Message 4:
From the Ssassani, invitation to join the interstellar alliance as a sovereign being and that they will be in touch “soon” to discuss it further.

Message 5:
From the Plaiedians: they are so pleased and happy that this stage of my journey has completed and They love my dedication to being me.

Message 6:
Gaia: so loving and appreciative to have the existance of my frequency here radiating outwards.

Message 7:
Unknown; living beings thanking me for all the times I have gone into great darkness knowing I am impervious to it all and coming out unscathed and more myself than when I went in.

Follow ups;
Message 1: I found out recently (June 1st) that this race is what we know as the agarthans – and they made semi-physical contact that night in June with me – I was astral travelling and this being chased me down until I was back in my body; then it joined me in my bedroom and started to rewire my body and brain. We shared conversations but due to the nature of the rewiring I can’t remember in detail what they were; primarily they were related to shifts in perspective.

Message 4:
I have been in telempathic communication with the Ssassani since and have the equivalent of the “red bat phone” from the 60s TV show. Which allows me the potential to communicate with the whole interstellar alliance and set up what we call conference calls.
I’ve started the journey of transformative coaching for semi-physical beings who are having trouble communicating effectively with humans.

The latest incidence:
A friend of a friend; who I have never spoken to directly, and she does not speak English, my only language. Has had this challenge with low emotion and depression of years, and her dog got so sick that she had to have time off work to look after it – and lately the dog started to rash and was scratching so much it pulled all the hair off it’s face.
After a distant healing session, during the 2nd distant healing session this “semi-physical” entity showed up in my kitchen – I could barely see it because it was very much out of phase with our physical reality but was interacting with it. But what I did see translated in my physical mind to the species known as “The Shadows” from Babylon 5.
So I carried on with my healing work and it tried to entice me into its dark reality, which I ignored and when it chose to come towards my unified reality the connection we had was pure love and compassion. Instantly I could see what was going on; a being of such unconditional love & assistance communicating with humans using definitions which translate to “Soldier of Darkness” which 99% of humans are terrified of. So I showed it the definitions it was using; the definitions that work with humans which match it’s intent “Guardian of Light”. And how to transition from one to the other. Being semi-physical the second that I finished explaining it had integrated it all and vanished off to its new role.
The friend of a friend reported two things; firstly that she was experiencing more joy than she ever experienced in her life. And secondly that her dog instantly stopped itching; the dog was virtually hibernating, and barking happily and wagging her tail in her sleep and that the rash after 3 days started to fully heal.

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Crystalline Light Beings (Far away places)

There is a race of beings, which I am connected to though my over-soul which do not naturally exist in what we consider ‘our universe’.
During my investigations I have astral travelled to various places, asking beings of this reality that we can directly interact with asking if anyone knows about them.
What I have found out is as follows.

They have appeared in our universe from time to time, when they have they have come through outside the frequency range of our senses, although the Sirius people have come across them from time to time.
When I asked those that had come across them their answer to me was “We don’t know who they are, or where they come from. All we know is that in this reality they crystallise light into a form which they use to interact with this reality. So the only description we have for them is literally Crystallised Light.”

These beings exist in their reality as a sea of consciousness and thought. If their reality were superimposed into our reality it would translate into a galaxy made not out of atoms and molecules like our galaxies, but of self-aware intelligent photons of light. In their reality however, it is just consciousness and thought with no material experience.

They are completely what we would call telempathic* beings, communicating through vibrations. These beings are all intertwined, cross connecting like a pit of snakes crossing each other although they do not slither and slide on top, below or beside of one another, they slither and slide through each other, experiencing the vibrations of all the portions of the other beings that they are in contact with. Their experience is a communal experience. And the whole galaxy is having its own collective experience of all the individual beings making it up as the individuals making it up are having an experience of those beings that they are directly connected to.

Their experience in this reality has a very high contrast from having multiple simultaneously overlapping experiences of many beings to ones own experience without direct experience of other beings, as a single being having its own singular experience in this reality is very alien to them.

The closest idea I can think of in our reality is the character ODO from StarTrek Deepspace 9 TV Series.

When they initiated contact with me in 2010 to move my consciousness into the direction and that I agreed with them to take when I asked their name, they told me that they do not have any names in their reality, nor did they want them – when I explained that in this reality we need to call them something to initiate contact they said, well you can call us “far away places” because that is the best description we can find from the perspective of your reality.

In 2012 when I was on the train into london they sent me a packet of thought describing the nature of how they come into our reality, our frequency of this universe. Although the thought was not in english, this is the best translation that I can come up with.
When they come through into this reality, they hook into the idea of the torsion fields that spin the quantum field to create subatomic particles, atoms and molecules, they use that idea along with the idea of morphagenic fields which organise the torsion fields’ interaction with each other to create order and form of the atoms and molecules. But instead of using the torsion fields to create atoms, they create photons of light because the idea of Atoms is too alien for them to project their consciousness into. Then using morphagenic fields they organise these photons of light into the structure of DNA (I cannot translate their structure of DNA yet), and that DNA structure create the cells around them and from the cells to the body and then they inject their consciousness through the photons of light to create a physical experience of this reality for them – although it does not translate to the same experience that we have of them.

* telempathic – communicating via thought, using empathy as the carrier signal.
In our reality this translates to; Injecting packets of thought in the emotional electromagnetic signal that we give off from our heart.